How to connect to Xender Web?

Xender is not only available on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, but it is also available on your PC as Xender Web.

Xender Web is an online client for which you don’t need to install any special app or do anything. You will easily be able to transfer files between your PC and mobile devices through Xender Web. Continue reading

Unable to transfer files with VPN (Fix)

Xender works smoothlessly without any issue and allows you to transfer different types of files from one device to another across different platforms in almost no-time. You can make transfers from one platform to another

Sometimes, however, when you are sending or receiving files and one of the devices is connected to a VPN then you may face a problem during the transfer of files as it won’t. The main issue here is a VPN due to which you are unable to receive or send files and the process fails!
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Unable to find Receivers (Fix)

Most of the times when using Xender to transfer files, everything will go smoothly and files can be transferred from one device to another smoothly without any issues.

Sometimes, however, there can be some issues due to problems with either the receiving or sending device that users are unable to find devices around them. Although the problem may be minor due to which the devices aren’t showing up, but still it creates an issue for the time being. If you are unable to find receivers around you then it could be one of the following reasons which may be why you can’t find receivers around you!
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How to fix Xender Crashing?

As you may know about Xender which is one of the most popular S cross-platform clients that allows you to send and receive different types of files between different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Windows, and Mac. What makes Xender different from the rest is that not only it allows you to transfer files, but it doesn’t have any ads on its app. So, while you send files, you won’t encounter any annoying ads.

Although you won’t encounter Xender crashes frequently, but still, sometimes it may crash without any reason. All of your other apps may be working fine but Xender may be crashing without any reason and there is no reason behind why Xender is crashing. Just some cache and data error causing Xender to crash.

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Why is the Xender transfer speed so slow?

The transfer of files on Xender generally occurs at very fast speed, about 200 times of the normal Bluetooth transfer speed and huge files can be easily transferred from one device to another in a matter of just a few minutes. Unlike Bluetooth, which takes a lot of times to transfer files, Xender transfers almost immediately.

However, sometimes you may be having a very low transfer speed on Xender. There could be many reasons why you are having a low transfer speed.  Generally, this doesn’t happen but if you are facing the problem of low transfer speed, then it could be one of the following reasons why you are facing this problem. Continue reading

How to move Xender to SD Card?

Xender is one of the best file sharing apps out there that fulfills all of your sharing needs. You can share any type of files in any place at any given time with Xender.

It uses the latest technology which makes it easier to share files across different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. The transfer speed for Xender is about 200 times that of Bluetooth, making it a very reliable source to share files. Continue reading

How to set default file destination?

Xender is a cross-platform file sharing app that allows you to send and receive files from different devices without the need for any special cables or anything.

Xender makes uses of Wi-Fi and allows you to send and receive files from Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, and Mac. The transfer of files occurs at a very high speed making it one of the best in the market
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How to make a backup of your phone with Xender?

Xender is an awesome cross-platform client that allows you to send and receive files between different devices easily by using the Wi-Fi network. Instead of old methods of sending files through Bluetooth, Xender uses the latest technology and makes the transfer of files faster and easier than before.

Xender is a great app that has a lot of features to offer and one of such features it that you can make a backup of your phone with Xender. It is one of the unique features that is found in Xender as you can easily replicate and make a backup of your device instead of having to do it through PC or any other method.
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How to send files in Xender?

Back in days, it was difficult to send and receive different types of files through mobile phone as Bluetooth was the only option available and if you used Bluetooth then it takes a lot of time to send files between phones.

However, nowadays with new apps, it is easy to send and receive files between phones. Xender is such an application which uses the Wi-Fi connection of your mobile phone to share files with other phones.  Continue reading