Download Xender v4.4.1

XenderXender is a media and file sharing application that is available for free on play store and is also one of the top free apps provided by play store. The application is small in size and comes with different features to make it a better utility app among many different others file sharing apps. Xender is faster than old file sharing methods like Bluetooth and doesn’t require any type of hardware or accessories to share files from one device to another. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and is capable of changing the format of the media file so they become readable when sent from android to iOS or vice versa. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.4.0

XenderXender is an application that lets you share files, apps, and games from one device to another. The application is small in size and is capable of sending many big files at the same time which can sometimes look like a trouble when done with any other method of sharing files. Xender can be used to share files, apps, and games of any format or size from any device to another device. Xender can do all of its functions on devices with low specification as well. The application can work without any data connection and is wireless so you don’t really need any direct connection to another device. Xender being wireless doesn’t really need any NFC to function and works directly on any device that has wifi while it is easier than airdrop. You can check all your apps, games and storage with Xender so it is a file sharing app and can act as a file explorer as well. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.3.9

XenderXender is the best app through which you can share anything you want to anyone in minutes like video files, documents, audio files, pictures, apps, etc. you can even send phone contacts from this app. Xender works on wifi network so no need to worry about your mobile data or anything because it never uses your mobile data. this app works offline and it is very fast and you can say 100 times faster than Bluetooth. you can even download movies from this app now. they have added a feature in this app recently and you can download any movie in HD quality from this app and that movie will be saved into your internal storage and the good part about downloading movies from this app is that you can share them with anyone by this app only. this app is really cool. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.3.8

XenderXender is one of the most popular free tool available on play store and this tool is mostly known for its fast file sharing features. Xender is a free application with no limits to file sharing to any other device. The application has a very simple layout and is easy to be used by anyone with all the options and features accessible from the very launch of the app. Xender is a new and very fast mode of sharing files that surpass old tech like Bluetooth sharing and is easier than airdrop. It has no need for NFC to transfer files or function as a file sharing application. Xender is small in size and doesn’t need high GPU power to work on a device and functions smoothly on even low specifications. The application works wirelessly and no data is required for sending files and apps to any another device. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.3.7

XenderXender is #1 app through which you can share anything to anyone in just a single tap. you do not need any type of wire or data cable to share files with anyone because Xender works without them and it made your work simple. you just have to select the files which you want to send and just tap on send and it will automatically connect to whom you want to send and your files will transfer in a really good speed. this app is mainly made for making your life easy because it is 200 times faster than a Bluetooth connection and its UI is impressive so you will enjoy while sending your files to anyone. you can share any app by Xender to your friend. imagine that your friend bought a new device and he/she do not want to waste their data by downloading apps or he/she doesn’t even a data to download them so you can share all your apps which you have in your device to them in just a single click. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.3.5

XenderXender is a small and fast file sharing the application with a lot of other features for users. The application is developed to make file sharing easier than ever with file transfer speed faster than Bluetooth without any need to NFC. Xender is easier than airdrop and is available for all Android, iOS and Windows devices. The application is very light on GPU and has low requirements for functioning while all the features on Xender can be used in offline mode. Xender file sharing feature works wirelessly and no direct hardware connection between devices is necessary for this feature to work. The application is download and use type and doesn’t require any account to use any of its features. Xender is free and all the different features yet to be mentioned are also free in the application while it has no limits to how much data can be transferred from it by a user. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.3.4

XenderXender is a file sharing app which is used to send or receive files from one device to another. You can send/receive audio files, videos, documents etc by this app. Xender transfers in a very good speed, 100 times faster than Bluetooth and any other sharing app and the best feature of it is that Xender doesn’t even need any type of internet connection and it won’t use your data to send/receive files so use it freely. It has no limitations and you can send as many files as you want to anyone without any restrictions. Anyone can download this app from play store or apple store as it is available on both the platforms and it is available on these platforms for free. Xender made your work simply because it doesn’t need any type of data cable or any type of wire to send/receive files. It works on a WiFi connection and it is very secure and safe. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.3.3

XenderXender is an app which is used to share almost everything like files, documents, audio files, videos etc. this app works on wifi connection so do not worry about anything like your mobile data loss or anything because it does not use your mobile data and this app is free to use so anyone can use this app for free. you do not need any type of USB connection or data cable to transfer files. you can use this app on your PC/laptop by installing its app and you will find this app easily on the windows app store. you can find this app on play store or apple store easily and it is small in size so your device will not get affected after installing this app. you can even download movies from Xender . isn’t this feature amazing? Continue reading

Download Xender v4.3.2

Xender app is used to send or receive audios, videos, documents or even contacts from one device to another. this app transfers all our documents or anything which we want to share with our friends in a very good speed so it saves our time or else we had to use Bluetooth which would take an hour for it. you can choose your username by your preference and can choose your animated avatar too. this app also gives gift cards sometimes so it’s a deal of profit to install this app in your device. Xender is totally free and easy to use. Xender is present on both Android and iOS. it’s totally bugless, secured and doesn’t even charges anything like other apps which charges some internet to transfer files or videos but this app doesn’t so it’s a plus point. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.3.1

Xender app is used to share music, videos, files etc in no time and without even any data charges. send anything, anytime, at any place. you can share nearly everything by this app and the plus point of this app is that it’s totally free. yes, you heard it right, it’s absolutely free. this app is totally ad free it means not a single ad will show up while using this app. Xender is available on both platforms, ¬†Android, and iOS. you can even download movies from this app for free. this app is all in one pack. you can share contacts to your friends from this app. this app transfers files very fast and this app is very easy to use. you can even make real money from this app. this app gives coupons and even real money sometimes. Xender supports 32 languages so anyone can use it from anywhere. Continue reading