Unable to transfer files with VPN (Fix)

Xender works smoothlessly without any issue and allows you to transfer different types of files from one device to another across different platforms in almost no-time. You can make transfers from one platform to another

Sometimes, however, when you are sending or receiving files and one of the devices is connected to a VPN then you may face a problem during the transfer of files as it won’t. The main issue here is a VPN due to which you are unable to receive or send files and the process fails!

Why VPN causes problems?

When you run VPN on devices then it can result in failure to activate hotspot on receiving due to which both of the devices aren’t connected to the same network, which results in the devices unable to share files between them using SHAREit.


VPNs can also cause connection problems between receiving and sending devices. These connection problems can also result in failure to send and receive files using SHAREit.

How to fix this?

Before you use Xender and make any transfer using Xender, make sure that all of the VPN apps are closed so, the Xender is able to make the transfer between files and everything occurs seamlessly.

If you are connected to any VPN connection, then it is better that you turn it off and then transfer the files afterward so, no problem may occur between the transfer of files.


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