Download Xender v4.0.0315

Xender is a file sharing app available for almost all operating systems and devices which allows you to send and receive all sorts of documents and files from one device to another without using data or charging you any money. The app is available to download for absolutely free of charge and there is no subscription fee to use this app and the best part about this free file sharing app is that it doesn’t even have any ads in the user interface which its competitors are filled with. Gender as a very simple but useful interface that you will have no problem understanding without kneading to read the manual but the app also provides you instructions and walks you through all the major functions when you first install and run the app on your device.

You can connect up to 5 devices with a single source device which helps save time when you want to transfer the same file to more than one device. Xender uses a Wi-Fi connection to transfer files from one device to another which is at least two hundred times faster than Bluetooth and one of the fastest ways to transfer data from one device to another wirelessly. The main reason why people use Xender is to transfer apps and the app has a dedicated feature to help you transfer all the apps from one device to another and you can see all the apps that you do not have and the source device has while file transfer is ongoing and you can request these apps as well. Xender has a built-in media player that you can use to play videos and audio files that you receive from other devices using this file sharing app.

Download Xender v4.0.0315 for Android

  1. Download Xender.
  2. Open file manager to locate the downloaded app.
  3. Install Xender on your phone.
  4. Start sharing files.


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