Download Xender v4.0.0205

Xender is a file transfer app that is also one of the most useful apps that you can have in your smartphone. xender lets you transfer files from one device to another without having to spend any data in the process, you can transfer all sorts of files such as pictures, music, videos, apps etc. Xender has a very simple user interface and when you first install the app it walks you through all the basic controls that you need to know to use the app and transfer files easily. Xender is also very popular among file sharing apps because it lets you connect five devices at a time to the source so the same file can be transferred to multiple devices at the same time which saves battery life and precious time.

Sharing apps from one device to another is one of the most useful features of  Xender which the majority of its users download it for and you can see all the apps that the source device has which are not installed on your smartphone and you can request those files so you do not have to download them and install them for free without having to spend any data. The cloning feature of xender allows you to transfer all the apps from the source device to all the devices connected to it with one tap of a button. Xender uses Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot to transfer files from one device to another and the speed of transfer increases proportionally to the distance between the devices which means you can keep the devices close to each other to get better transfer speeds. If the transfer is interrupted in between, you can resume it too from where it stopped.

Download Xender v4.0.0205 for Android

  • Open any browser on your android smartphone.
  • Download Xender.
  • Open the newly download app and start sharing!


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