Download Xender v4.0.0316

Xender is a file sharing app which you can use to transfer any sort of files from one device to another without using the internet or connecting both the devices with cables and it is also one of the most popular apps in its category. Xender gives you a plethora of features that no other similar app provides and certainly not for free. Xender is available on almost all major platforms and for all devices so you no longer need any cables to transfer files from one device to another, just download the app and start transferring. The file transfer app is absolutely free to use and there is no subscription fee that you have to pay to use it services.

The recent update this app has managed to erase all the ads that you previously so in the operating system and they no longer pop up every time you transfer files using Xender which is a huge relief and now using the app feels much more premium and you will never be able to tell that it is a free app. You can transfer all sorts of different files using Xender on your device and there are no incompatible files that the app will stop you from sharing. You can also use Xender to share files from one operating system to another and even to your PC from your smartphone. Xender lets you connect up to five devices at a time to the source and you can share the same file to all the connected devices at the same time which will save you a lot of time if you want to transfer the same file to all the devices and it what’s the time 5 folds.

Download Xender v4.0.0316 for Android

  1. Download Xender.
  2. Open file manager to locate the downloaded apk file.
  3. Install Xender and wait for it to install successfully.
  4. Open Xender and start sharing files.


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