Download Xender v3.9.1130

Xender is a file transfer app that works with almost all multimedia devices and operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS and you can transfer all sorts of files from one device to another using this app and it is free for all. Xender is mostly used by smartphone uses to exchange apps from one phone to another without having to connect to the internet. This process save data and time as the transfer speed you get with this app is often much faster than what your service provider would offer. Xender uses Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot to transfer files and the best thing about using this app over other similar apps is the ability to connect more than two devices at a time to the source device and transfer the same file to all the connected devices simultaneously.

Xender has a dedicated video and audio player which you can use to watch videos and play music on your smartphone but these audio and video players are often only used while checking the transferred files. The recent updates have made xender completely ad free which means you’re no longer have to watch any ads anywhere in the user interface of this app while transferring files from one device to another. You get lightning fast transfer speed with xender as it uses Wifi to transfer files between devices and it is the fastest connection that your phone has to transfer data wirelessly. You can transfer any sort of file using this app and all the files are categorised by their type in a very neat manners so you do not have to waste any time looking for a file that you need to send.


Download Xender v3.9.1130 for Android

  • Visit this webpage on your browser.
  • Download Xender on your smartphone.
  • Install the app start sharing.

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