Download Xender v3.1.0118BETA

Xender is an application which provide a link for the connectivity of your device so that you can transfer or share your files. Most of the time when we use Bluetooth to share files it suddenly stop due its large size. But you can give up on Bluetooth and start using Xender to eliminate such problems. There are many more reasons to ditch all other apps and relay on Xender for smoothly transferring files. It support transfer of files between different platforms. Xender is 200X faster in speed than Bluetooth.

Easy to understand steps for use. You can transfer images, videos, important documents from your iOS or in your iOS device from any other device and  you can also share files between Mac and your computer.

Xender do not require additional things for transferring files. USB cables are such a big mess but Xender help you to get rid of keeping USB cable all the time for the purpose of sharing documents and other files from your smart phone to your computer as it make a link between devices and also make sharing smooth. When you want to share same files between your group of friends it consume so much time as you share files between them individually but Xender can transfer your files among your friends at once. It support more than 15 languages.


Feature of Xender v3.1.0118BETA

Following are the features of Xender v3.1.0118BETA

  • NO need to transfer files among your friends individually as it can transfer them at once between all of them.
  • Support sharing files between different platforms.
  • It is available in 15 languages which means you can change its language into 15 different language.
  • Transfer files smoothly
  • Create instant link between devices

How to download Xender v3.1.0118BETA

Followings are the step to download Xender v3.1.0118BETA

  1. Make sure you turned on ”Unknown Source”.
  2. Download Xender apk.
  3. Search downloaded Xender apk in file manager.
  4. click on install button
  5. wait for until installation is complete.

Now you can open Xender and share your files.


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