Download Xender v3.0.0521

If you are fed up of using Bluetooth, USB wire and Wi-Fi to transfer files then you can get rid off all these problems  you have to just intall Xender. Xender is being use by so many people because they found it very fastest and easiest to use. Many  time we are not able to connect our smart phone with our computer because of not having USB cable but you can easily ditch USB cables by transferring your files through Xender.Bluetooth appear to be time consuming but Xender is much faster than Bluetooth.  To share files among your group of friends you may use internet but in Xender their is no need of internet connection while sharing files between your group of 4 friends. You can link your Facebook and Gmail. You can connect with a device which is a lil bit far. No need of scanning code. Xender connect your devices just with creating a link between them

Connecting iOS with other device may seem difficult and impossible by using Bluetooth but  Xender connect your iOS device easily with other operating devices. There is no need of any installation of software which takes a lot of time but by installing Xender you are not any more require to install any software. Basically Xender have more speed and take no time to share photo, video, documents etc.

Feature of Xender v3.0.0521

Following are the feature of xender v3.0.0521

  • No need to take more time in sharing files.
  • Do not require any connecting wire.
  • Do not consume internet connection
  • Connect iOS devices with other devices

How to download Xender v3.0.0521?

Following are the steps to download Xender v3.0.0521

  1. Download Xender apk
  2. Navigate to the file manager and search Xender apk
  3. Click on” install”.
  4. You can now use Xender to share file.

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