Download Xender v3.1.0308

We love to share photos , videos and interesting games with our loved one but when we use Bluetooth we always get irritate as Bluetooth takes so much time to transfer files. To ditch Bluetooth and share file with fastest speed we recommend you to use Xender. Xender is one of the most used application for the purpose of file sharing. Sharing a file become difficult and time consuming when it is huge in size but Xender is one the world’s most fastest application which can transfer files of any size.

It supports languages more than 15 which means you can easily change Xender language into your favourable one. You can have record of all the files that you have shared before.

Xender eliminate all the obstacle you face while sharing your files and document. USB wire is no more a need for sharing photos, videos , documents etc. It support sending files of any format. We many a time come across to a situation where we are in need to transfer files but we do not have any internet connection, for tackling this type of situation all you have to do is install Xender as Xender do not need any internet connection. Now Xender has become choice of millions of people.


Features of Xender v3.1.0308

Following are the feature of Xender v3.1.0308

  • No need to face obstacles while using Xender.
  • No requirement of USB cable and internet/data connection.
  • Transfer files of huge size.
  • Support over 50 languages

How to use Xender v3.1.0308?

Following are the steps to download Xender v3.1.0308

  1. Download Xender apk
  2. Navigate to file manager and toggle on install button.
  3. After complete installation you can click on Xender icon and share your files in fastest way.

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