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Xender is a best app among all file sharing application. There are many options to transfer file but most of them cause a lot of difficulties. It you are willing to share files, images, documents etc. by using Bluetooth then let me tell you that Bluetooth tends to take so much time in doing such. But transferring file from Xender eliminate time consumption as it have speed of 200 times of Bluetooth. People use communication apps to share pictures which need internet connection while in contrast Xender share your files without any data connection. USB wires make so much mess while transferring files Xender also eliminate use of USB that means it support wireless transferring of files.

Xender is the only best app where sharing between iOS and other operating devices can happen with fastest speed. There are many apps which make you to download other software to run but Xender do not require such. You can share  files of large size between upto 4 devices. It create a link between devices with just few clicks. Steps for transferring files from iOS to other devices are different from Android or pc but those steps are easy. The instructions are given in the app and you can follow them to transfer files from your iOS device with the fastest speed


Features of  Xender v2.2.0123

Following are the feature of Xender v2.2.0123

  • It is different from other sharing apps as it support sharing between iOS and other devices
  • Its language can change in many other languages supported by Xender
  • There is no need of USB connection or internet connection
  • 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

How to download Xender v2.2.0123?

Steps to download Xender v2.2.0123 are given below

  1. Open your preferred source
  2. Download Xender apk.
  3. navigate to file manager>>Search Downloaded Xender apk>> Click on install
  4. You can share your files after completion of installation.

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