Download Xender v6.5.88

Xender v6.5.88 is a terrific file sharing application with which you can simply transfer any type of files across different devices. It always allows you to share your audio files, photos, videos, applications, games, and all other kinds of files without having any issues. It will also serve you a built-in music player that allows you to enjoy the playback of your beloved media. It is very simple to connect different devices by utilizing this app. You just have to switch on the hotspot on one device and connect another device to it and you are ready to transfer your files through this application. It does not require any internet connection in order to transfer files. This application also assists with extremely fast file transfer so that you can transfer videos within a few seconds. It also supports group file sharing where you can share one file across different devices. It will also support cross-platform file sharing with which you can simply share your media or document files on your iOS device with other devices like android or Windows-based devices. This app is also available in multiple languages like German, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, and a lot of others.

Xender v6.5.88 is an official and trusted file sharing application that will help you to send and receive your important files at different devices. In order to use this application, you have to utilize your IP address to establish a successful connection with another device for the finest file sharing. Only then you will be skilled to easily send files, messages, and share other things.


     Steps to Download Xender v6.5.86 on your mobile device

  • Turn on your smartphone and make sure that it has a suitable network connection working on it.
  • Then go through with any web browser and Download Xender v6.5.88 on your mobile phone.
  • Now install it correctly by allowing it all of the required permissions.

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