Download Xender v6.5.86

Xender LogoXender is an ultimate and widely used file-sharing application in which you can easily transfer any kind of files and documents across various devices. This application serves you a feature to share your videos, photos, audio files, applications, games, and all kinds of files in a simple and understandable way. It is easy to operate and connect to different devices. You can also play your favourite media with its built-in music player that allows you and admirable video quality. To use this application you just have to turn on the hotspot on one phone and connect another phone to it and you are ready to transfer your files. It also hold-up group file sharing where everyone can share one file across 4 various devices. This application doesn’t require any internet connection in order to transfer files. It is the most widely used sharing application with its extremely fast file-sharing ability that you can transfer your videos within a few seconds. This application supports cross-platform file sharing which helps to share your files within Android devices, iOS, or window-based devices. This application is also accessible in multiple languages like Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, German, Indonesian, English, Japanese, and a lot of others.

Xender is a multifunctional application for easy file sharing. Its interface is cleanly designed so that the user can easily share any files between various devices. It also provides you different methods of file sharing which you can share any of your files. This application arrives with all kinds of necessary file-sharing tools to maximize your sharing experience.


Methods to Download Xender on your smartphone

  • Turn on your smartphone and ensure that it is properly connected to the nearest internet connection.
  • Then open your favourite web browser and Download Xender.
  • Now install this app on your device by allowing all necessary permissions.
  • Finally, share all kinds of files with this admirable sharing application.

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