Download Xender v6.5.70

XenderXender is file transfer app designed for wireless devices to help their users send files from one device to another wirelessly at very high speeds. it is a free to use app available for all the major operating systems such as Android iOS and even windows which means you can use the xender app on your PC to transfer files from and to your smartphone without connecting any sort of cable granted that your PC has Wi-Fi hardware. Transferring files using xender is one of the fastest ways to transfer files because it uses Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot of the devices to create a private network which can be used to transfer large files at a very high speed.

You do not have to worry about the operating system of both the devices while using xender to transfer files because it supports cross-platform file transfer which means it gives its users the ability to transfer files from two different platforms. A large number of people use xender to get apps and games from their friends devices that they do not want to download because it will cost a lot of data what gender will make your life a lot easier because you do not have to spend any data to download the game files from your friends device to your phone wirelessly. If you have transfer files between two devices using cables then you must know the hassle that they create and you also have to fiddle with the software but not anymore using xender.

Download Xender v6.5.70 for Android

  • Open Chrome and make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Download Xender on your Device.
  • Install the download app on your smartphone and wait for the installation process to finish. 
  • Run Xender.


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