Download Xender v6.5.76

XenderXender is a file transfer app designed for Android and IOS devices that you can use to transfer files from one device to another without having to connect wires or transfer the files over the internet where you will be charged with your data. Xender is one of the fastest ways to Transfer large files from one device to another because it uses Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot of both devices to transfer files. This is over 200 times faster than using Bluetooth which is a very old technology and cannot be used reliably while transferring large files because if you happen to have an error while you are transferring files then you will have to start all over again and it is also a lot slower than using your Wi-Fi.

Xender is a free app that you can download on your smartphone and start transferring files right away. You can transfer any sort of file using xender be it videos photos and even your contacts. HD and 4K videos can take up a lot of space in your smartphone and if you want to transfer the same file to your friend then you will have to wait a long time if you are using Bluetooth but not anymore because you can now transfer the same file in a matter of seconds while using xender. This app also has a built-in media player that you can use to play media files to check if you are sending the right one and you can also use the same media player to check if you received the intended files without having to change the app and check it.

Download Xender v6.5.76 for Android

  • Open Chrome on your device and visit this website.
  • Download Xender.
  • Open settings and turn on the option which will allow chrome to “install apps from unknown sources”.
  • Locate the downloaded app on your phone and install it.
  • Open Xender.


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