Download Xender v5.4.4

XenderThere are a lot of features in smartphones and most anything is possible with your device. In the old generation of devices, it was hard to send files and data to another smartphone. It is different for the new generation of devices due to upgraded hardware and availability of apps like Xender. Xender is a popular app and one of the top free apps on the Google Play store and it also is available on the iOS store. The app has some great features for you as it is small in size and supports different file types and formats. Mostly you might find it difficult to send files with old methods such as Bluetooth that was slow or cables. But Xender makes it easy as the file transfer works wirelessly and you can just simply connect with another device to send things. For Xender to work there are not many requirements as it’s CPU requirements are low and can work on most new-gen devices. To make the file sharing work between two devices you need xender to be working on them. You can send any format of the file to be it music, videos, documents, app data and even u supported formats.

Xender also is reliable as sometimes large files get corrupted and don’t work after moving here and there. The large files can be shared easily within minutes without any interruption and data loss. The app is 100% free and it features feel quite premium as you can easily select files without even going to your file manager. Multiple files sharing at the same time and the pairing can be connected again if connection lost in between.

Download Xender v5.4.4 for Android

  • Download Xender for Android.
  • Open any file manager on your device and locate the downloaded apk.
  • Install the app and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Open Xender.


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