Download Xender v4.9.84

XenderXender is one of the most popular file sharing apps available for almost all the operating systems that you can download for free on your device and start sharing large files without having to connect the devices physically and also without using any data. You can share all source of files through xender such as photos, videos, documents and you can even share an entire movie with other device using this app. One of the best features of gender that make it most useful for PC owners is the ability to share files directly from your computer or laptop to your smartphone without needing to connect them using a data cable but make sure the PC has Wi-Fi or it will not work. Xender uses Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot of both devices to create a personal network in order to share files back and forth and that is how you don’t have to spend any data while transferring files between devices.

Xender allows you to transfer files to a number of different devices at once by creating a personal network that many smartphones can join and receive the same file saving a lot of time in the process if you send the file individually to everyone. The operating system of xender is very easy to understand and you can select all the files at once in the app that you want to send and just tap a button to send all of them at once. You can keep track of all the files being sent by typing the top right corner of the screen. You can also play the transferred files in the app itself as it has its own built-in media player.

Download Xender v4.9.84 for Android

  • Open Chrome on your device and visit this website.
  • Download Xender.
  • Open settings and turn on the option which will allow chrome to “install apps from unknown sources”.
  • Locate the downloaded app on your phone and install it.
  • Open Xender.


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