Download Xender v4.5.3

XenderXender is the file sharing application with advanced features for its users to help in sharing files with friends and family. The application is small in size and available for free in different app stores. Xender is also one of the top free apps on Google play store. This application is more advanced, faster and easier than old methods of file sharing. It has no requirements for file sharing and works on wifi feature between any devices that have Xender working on them. Xender works with low specifications and has no high requirements for file sharing. The file sharing with Xender is smooth even with low-end phones and file sharing is done without any error. It has no need for NFC on the device and is easier than airdrop surpassing speed of old file transferring as it is faster than BT.

Xender works wirelessly without any hardware connectivity between the sender and the receiver. No data connection is required for any of the functions in Xender and it works completely offline. The application is also superior to other modes of file sharing due to the multiple file sharing at a time without getting any issues during transfer. Any type of file can be sent to anyone nearby as long as both of them have Xender. Other than the fast and easy sharing of multiple files Xender can also. Users also get the Group sharing feature for sharing multiple files to multiple users reducing the work of sharing it individually. All formats supported or not can be shared with this application. Xender is available for all Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Download Xender v4.5.3 for Android

  • Download Xender for Android.
  • Open any file manager on your device and locate the downloaded apk.
  • Install the app and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Open Xender.


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