Download Xender v4.2.1

Xender is an app which is used to share any type of file in any place at any time and absolutely without any mobile data usage. it is very fast as compared to Bluetooth speed. there is no need for any USB connection or anything like that. Xender supports all type of platforms like Android,  iOS, windows etc. you just have to install a small application from play store or apple store and you are good to go. this app contains 0 ads so it’s a good thing too. this app is bug-free and safe to use. no need to worry about your data, it won’t leak your data at any cost. you can share all type of files with your friends without any restrictions. transfer anything you want like documents, music, pictures, videos, and apps. imagine your friend does not have mobile data to download apps so you can share your apps with your friend with the help of xender in just some clicks. send large files without any limitation and send as many files as you want.

Xender supports 32 languages so anyone can use it from any country. you can send pictures to your friends by by just sliding them. it’s user interface is so optimized that you won’t find even a single bug in it. you can connect your Facebook profile in it to win prizes. transfer files with zero data usage and real fast. it’s a connection is so strong and it’s connecting style is so unique that it attracts people very much. this app is a must to have an app in everyone’s devices because we need to share a lot of things with friends. now we have a platform where we can share those files.

Download Xender v4.2.1 for Android

  1. Download Xender for Android.
  2. Open any file manager on your device and locate the downloaded apk.
  3. Install the app and wait for the installation process to finish.
  4. Open Xender.


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