Download Xender v3.2.0526

Xender is a file sharing app which create link between your devices without any other requirement. Sharing photos, music, videos and movies by using communication app which support sharing images, videos etc. require Wi-Fi or data connection.  But using Xender in place of communication apps eliminate using internet connection. Xender is available in so many different language you can easily find your language by scrolling down. Xender is 200 x times faster than Bluetooth. You do not require any USB connecting wire to connect your smartphone with your computer by only installing Xender.

Xender is choice of millions of people for transferring files. Whoever install it agreed that it is fastest and easiest to use app for sharing files of any size. The obstacle we used to face during sharing files can remove just by installing it. You can share your files between 4 device at once. Xender keep record of all shared files, documents, picture etc. It support sharing of files between any operating device for example you can share your file from your iOS device to Android. You can also share files between iOS devices.

Features of Xender v3.2.0526

Following are the feature of Xender v3.2.0526

  • You can transfer your file without any obstacle.
  • Support cross-platform sharing of files
  • Do not need Wi-Fi
  • 200x times faster than Bluetooth.

How to download Xender v3.2.0526

Following are the steps to download Xender v3.2.0526

  1. Download Xender apk.
  2. Navigate to file manager and search Xender apk.
  3. Tap on ”Install”.
  4. Now you can transfer your files easily.



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