Download Xender v3.9.0945

As Bluetooth has become outdated and there are tons of apps available in the market that use your smartphones Wi-Fi feature to create a hotspot of its own and then share your files with other devices who are connected with your hotspot that you have created. This is one of the fastest ways these days as it provides around 4 to 5 MB per second speed When you transfer your data from one device to another. One of the best apps that you can use to transfer your file is Xender. this is a completely free to download and use app that is currently taking over the market and is one of the best apps to share your files, apps, games, media content and whatever you want to share from one device to another.

It takes very less space on your device and comes loaded with tons of features like you can play music or any media file with you already have on your device also xender shows you all the apps and all the content in a very sorted out manner so you can choose what you want to share with ease. It is a very user friendly app and the user interface is quite easy to understand and use. there is no limit to data transfer and you can share as much data big files with your friends and family in minutes or seconds depending upon the file size. You can download the latest version of xender on your Android device from the link that will be provided below and you can follow the steps mentioned below to download xender on your Android device without any hassle.

Download Xender v3.9.0945 for Android

  1. Open your device and connect to a nearby Wifi.
  2. Now open your choice of web browser.
  3. Download Xender.
  4. Now Open Xender and start sharing.