Download Xender v6.5.94

Xender LogoXender v6.5.94 is one of the most popular file transfer applications with which you can easily share any sort of file with your friends and family members. This app will provide you an intuitive user interface where you can explore all of the features of this application without having any difficulties. It also provides you many other options for file transfer in which you can easily transfer files between your different devices. You can also use this application on your PC and transfer files to another PC or your Android or your iPhone. You can easily share different types of files such as your videos audio photos applications and all other media files. The latest version of Xender has its file size reduced to 4.5 megabytes so that you can easily use this application more rapidly on your low-end smartphones.

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Download Xender v6.4.2

XenderXender is one of the most downloaded application which is available on the Play Store and it is available for free there so that anyone from any region can easily download it and can use it without any charges and you can do a lot of things with Xender app for free like you can share anything with anyone without any cost as Xender lets you send or receive files in a lightning fast speed and you can use Xender easily as it has a very good User Interface which is liked by everyone. You can even change the appearance of the app as there are a lot of themes available in the app and you can apply any theme which you want easily and there are a lot of things which you can customize by going into the settings of the app and there you will get a lot of options to customise a lot of things. Continue reading

Download Xender v5.3.0

XenderXender is a very cool application available for both Android as well as iOS devices and you can easily get it from the Play Store or you can visit the App Store and can download Xender for free from there as Xender is available for free and anyone from any region can download it without facing any kind of issue. It is very small in size and never covers more space of your device so don’t worry about it and enjoy the app as you can share anything you want with it like apps, documents, files etc. and there is no size limit and the user can send or receive as much bug file as they want without any problem and you won’t see even a single ad in it because Xender is an ad-free application with 0 ads so don’t worry about any interruption as you won’t face any with Xender. Continue reading

Download Xender v5.2.6

XenderXender can be easily downloaded from the Play Store as well as from the App Store as it is available for both platforms, Android and iOS and anyone from any region can download it directly from there without facing any problem and you can even change the language of the app by your preference as Xender has got 16 different languages inbuilt and you can apply any of the languages, anytime. Go for the app because we all need to share anything with anyone and Xender has got us covered because we can share anything we want with anyone we want as the user can send images, videos, documents, important files etc. to anyone who has Xender app and it sends or receives files very fast and at a good speed. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.9.75

XenderXender is a brilliant way to share your stuff when you are not connected to the internet as Xender works completely offline and anyone can easily use Xender by downloading it from the Play Store and the iOS users can download and can use it too as it is available for them also for free and they can easily go to the App Store and can simply download it without facing any problem. You can use the application without any tension and without any user manual as the UI of Xender is very simple to understand and the features of Xender are very simple and easily accessible so there is no problem in that thing and the application is completely free too so what else do you want from a free mobile application.

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Download Xender v4.9.30


Xender, the top application for sharing media from one device to another in lightning fast speed. You can share anything with anyone by Xender and there are no charges on it and Xender don’t even use mobile data or any type of data connection because it creates its own connection and works on Hotspot and WiFi connection. Xender is almost 200 times faster than a Bluetooth connection and it can share more files and large files at a time whereas Bluetooth or any other similar connection can’t. Xender is one of the best application which is available on the Play Store and Apple Store because it is a free application with this much features and Xender is available for both Android and the iOS users and you can connect an iOS device to an Android device easily by its connection.

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Download Xender v4.7.4


Xender is a application specially made for sending or receiving files from one device to another in no time. It is a time saver and very interesting application as you can connect two or more devices to each other by Xender and can share files or anything you want in a single click and at the same time. There is no need of USB cables anymore because Xender works on WiFi and Hotspot connection and it is really very fast in terms of speed as compared to other connections. Bluetooth is overrated now a days and it is way more slower than Xender. You can even download movies in HD quality from Xender and all the movies or videos which you download, get saved into your internal storage.

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Download Xender v4.7.3


Xender, A file sharing application with a lot of more functions and absolutely free of cost. Anyone can download it for free from Play Store as well as from Apple Store as it is available for both the platforms. You can send or receive almost everything on Xender in no time as it runs on a WiFi connection and it is 200 times faster than a Bluetooth connection. It is small in size and very fluent in usage plus you can download movies in HD quality from Xender direct into your internal storage. You don’t have to look for sites to download movies because Xender has a lot of sites available on it already and you just have to single tap for downloading movies in HD quality.

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Top 5 Best Alternatives to Xender


Xender is one of the most used file sharing application for Android users. It really works very fine if you want to share any file between your different devices. 

If you want to know about the best alternatives Xender app then you are at right place. In this post, we will explore the Top 5 Best Alternatives to Xender for file sharing. 

1. Shareit

ShareIt is one of the best file sharing application that helps you to easily share any file between your different devices such as your computer and smartphones. It will provide you with an easy to use interface with which you can quickly be started with your file sharing tasks. You can use this app for your Android, iOS and Windows PC. It will provide you different methods for file sharing with which you can flawlessly share any of your files. 

2. SilFer File Share

The other best competition of Xender is SilFer which is a multifunctional app for easy file sharing. Its interface is very nice and cleanly designed so that the user can easily share any of the files between different devices. It offers error free file sharing between PC and smartphone without any need of internet connection. You can easily use the technology of Wi-Fi hotspot for bug free file sharing. 

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Top 5 Best File Sharing Websites of 2019

TDo you want to get the perfect file sharing solution? If yes then this is the right place for you. Here we will tell you about the top 5 best file sharing websites of 2019. 

So here is our list of top 5 best websites super fast good file sharing:-

1. Xender

Xender is an easy to use file sharing service that will allow you to easily share your files with the world. It is the safest file sharing web service that you can enjoy for free. You can easily access this file sharing website or service for your different devices like computer, iPhones, laptop and Mac devices. 

2. MediaFire

MediaFire is the simplest solution for your file sharing and storing needs. It is a platform that allows you to easily store your files on its server and then you can share these files with anybody that you want. It handles your entire file sharing needs. You can easily share any file such as photos, videos, audios, documents and other types of files with this website. 

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