Download Xender v4.3.0

Xender is a popular file sharing and data transferring application while lets you transfer files,  apps, and games from one smartphone to another. The app is small in size and free of cost but gives you a handful of features. With xender sharing apps, games, and files have become easier than ever and the application works wirelessly and no direct connection is needed between two smartphones or more. Xender lets you share unlimited files apps and games being a faster way of transferring files, unlike Bluetooth. For xender to work it only requires xender working on both phones so they can be paired and send or receive a file other than that. Xender has the cloning feature as well that is very useful when are supposed to change phone without losing any personal data of your old smartphone you can clone everything of your old smartphone to the new smartphone. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.2.9

Xender is a utility app that lets you share data from your device to another device that has xender in it. The application works wirelessly and no data cable or hardware is necessary for it to function. Xender can also be used to clone phones at times when you purchase a new phone and all your precious data is still on the old device just use xender and clone the whole device with every data of your old phone and get all the apps and file to your new device. The application is small in size but can help you transfer lots of file within minutes just by tapping on file from your device. Files and apps can be shared to multiple devices as well by making a group so all of the devices get your file at the same time making file sharing easy and faster than the old method of sharing with Bluetooth. The file sharing on xender doesn’t require any data and can be done from any device that has a xender working in it. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.2.5

Xender is an application used for sharing data from one device to another device. Xender lets you share movies, videos, songs, apps, games anywhere anytime within just a few minutes. Xender needs a few permissions to function properly as it works on wifi and hotspot and has to automatically turn them on so while sharing files you don’t have to manually turn them on. The application is faster than Bluetooth while sharing files. Xender doesn’t require any hardware or data cable that needs to be connected between devices so all the process takes place wirelessly and more efficiently. For Xender to work between two devices both need to have Xender working on them so when one of the devices lack xender it can be shared to another device by Bluetooth as Xender is a small sized app and can be easily transferred by Bluetooth. With xender games, apps and files of any size and any format can be shared with any other device having xender. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.2.3

Xender uses wifi and hotspot to send or receive files from one device to another. this app can share anything you want to anyone in just a single click. this app is real quick and it is time saver app because it works very fast so it saves your time. you need no data connection or anything like that to share files or documents or videos/music to your friend’s device. you can even download movies from Xender app in a good quality and it really downloads movies very fast and in a good quality. share anything you want, anywhere,  anytime with xender app. you can use it in PC/laptop too so you don’t even need any data cable or any USB pen drive to transfer files from one device to another. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.2.2

Xender app is basically made to share files or documents to friends. you can share videos and mp3 too from this app to your friends. this app is a choice of over 500 million users. no cables, no internet, no data usage is required to use this app. you can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime. Xender supports cross-platform transferring which means that you can connect your iOS device to any android device without any problem in just a single click and can share files without any interruptions. imagine that you bought a new device and you need your data which is present in your old device. just install xender in both the devices and share your data like contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files from your old phone to the new one in just a single click. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.2.1

Xender is an app which is used to share any type of file in any place at any time and absolutely without any mobile data usage. it is very fast as compared to Bluetooth speed. there is no need for any USB connection or anything like that. Xender supports all type of platforms like Android,  iOS, windows etc. you just have to install a small application from play store or apple store and you are good to go. this app contains 0 ads so it’s a good thing too. this app is bug-free and safe to use. no need to worry about your data, it won’t leak your data at any cost. you can share all type of files with your friends without any restrictions. transfer anything you want like documents, music, pictures, videos, and apps. imagine your friend does not have mobile data to download apps so you can share your apps with your friend with the help of xender in just some clicks. send large files without any limitation and send as many files as you want. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.2.0

Xender is a file sharing app that you can install on your device for absolutely free of charge and start sharing files between different devices wirelessly without needing to spend any data in the process. Xender is a free app but it has a very premium user interface and you will not see any ads anywhere in the app which pops up every time you transfer files using any other similar File sharing app. You can transfer files cross-platform which means that the operating system of the connected devices does not matter as long as both of those devices have the latest version of Xender installed and have a Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot facility. Xender provides a little tutorial to help you understand how to use the app and share files as soon as you install it. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.1.2

Xender is a file sharing app which allows you to share all sorts of files between different devices and it is available for absolutely free of charge on almost all the major operating systems. You can transfer files between different operating systems and it does not matter what the operating system is on your device as long as you and the other person has xender installed on the device. you can also use the xender app on your PC and transfer files wirelessly from your smartphone to your PC and vice versa without having to spend any data in the process. xender has a very simple and easy to use interface and the app also gives you a basic tutorial on how to use its features so you can start using xender as soon as you install it on your smartphone. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.1.1

Xender is a cross-platform file sharing an app that you can install on your device for absolutely free of charge and start sharing without having to make an account or pay a subscription fee. You don’t have to make any sort of changes to the basic operating system of your Android or iOS device in order to send or receive files using xender and you can also use this app on your PC to send files from your smartphone to your PC and vice versa. Xender has a very simple design and there are no ads anywhere in the app which will give you a premium feel and you will not notice that it is a free app. The app also Doubles as a file manager because all the files on your phone are displayed in their respective sections which are very well built and you will be able to locate any file on your phone very quickly by using this app. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.1.0

Xender is one of the easiest and fastest file sharing app that you can install on your smartphone for absolutely free of charge and start sharing right away without having to sign up for pay a monthly subscription fee. You can share all sorts of files between devices using xender such as music movies apps and much more and it is the fastest way to transfer files between devices wirelessly for free because xender uses Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspot in order to exchange files and it is at least two hundred times faster than using Bluetooth which will save you a lot of time and it is also much more reliable than using Bluetooth as the partially transferred files which have failed while they are in the middle of getting transferred can be resumed from where they left off and you don’t have to start all over again. There are no ads anywhere in xender so no add screen will pop up anytime you use this app to transfer files for media. Continue reading