Download Xender v4.6.8


Xender is a android as we as iOS supported application basically used to send or receive anything from anyone in minutes. It is so impressive that you won’t get over it and you’ll definitely use it after using it for once because of its convenience and Xender’s User interface is so good and smooth that no one gets bored of it. Xender is 100 times faster than a bluetooth connection and it transfers files in no time. Xender is available for everyone and anyone can use it easily without even paying anything to anyone as it is free and available out there on Play Store and Apple Store for free. Get rid of data cables and things like that because we have Xender with us which is like 100 times faster than these things and very easy to use. Xender is small in size and this is the plus point of Xender because it is small in size so it is light and doesn’t give that much load on the CPU of the device.

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Download Xender v4.6.6


Xender is a application which is basically used to send or receive audio files, video files, documents etc. and it is very fast in terms of speed because it is 200 times faster than bluetooth connection as it runs on WiFi and Hotspot connection. If you have bought a new device and want to transfer your data to it from your old device so you can do that easily and in style by Xender as it has a option called “Clone Phone” which will send all the files including contacts and photos and audio/video files in no time. No need to use any type of data cable or anything like that because you can do all your work by Xender without using USB cables. Download movies by Xender easily in HD quality and play them with Xender as it has a inbuilt video player which is very decent and has a lot of features in it.

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Download Xender v4.6.5


Xender is an mobile application used to share files and it is easily downloadable for free from Play Store. Xender is available on iOS too so don’t worry if you’re on iOS because it is available there too for free. It is a very useful application because you can share almost everything by Xender and even the quality will be the same. Xender works on WiFi connection and it is 100 times faster than bluetooth or any file sharing connection. Get rid of USB cables and Data transfer cables because we have Xender now which can send or receive nearly everything. Xender has its own video player so you can play received video files at that time only when you will be receiving them.

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Download Xender v4.6.4

XenderXender is an application which is available on both Play Store and Apple Store and it is a free application and is available for all. Anyone can download it easily from anywhere easily. Xender works on a Wifi connection and doesn’t need any type of data connection to work. The work of Xender is to send or receive almost all the things like Videos, Audio files, Photos, Documents etc. Xender needs no data cable or anything like that to send or receive files and is a very well designed application. The best part of Xender is it’s UI as it is very fluent and very attractive. Xender has its own video player and audio player so no need to use any other player to play audio or video files when sharing or receiving any. Xender is 50 times faster than Bluetooth connection and it is reliable too. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.6.3

XenderXender is a media sharing android application with a lot of options and premium features in it. Xender is listed as #3 top free app on Play Store. Xender is totally ad-free application and not a single ad will show up while using this app. Xender is available on both platforms, Android and iOS. you can even download movies from Xender direct into your internal storage for free. You can share contacts with your friends by Xender easily in seconds. Xender gives coupons and even real money sometimes to their regular users. Xender supports 32 languages so anyone can use it from anywhere no matter from where they are. Send apps to your friends and family with the help of Xender and save data and time of yours. You can share nearly everything by Xender and the plus point of this app is that it’s totally free and anyone can use this app for free. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.6.1

XenderXender is a free application with many features for easy file sharing. The application is #3 top free application on google play store and is also available for iOS devices downloadable from iTunes store. It is a small application that allows fast and easy file sharing as compared to old and old methods like Bluetooth and airdrop. File sharing with Xender doesn’t require any data connection and works by the WiFi feature of smartphones. It doesn’t require NFC feature to share files. Xender is light on GPU as it needs very little power and low specifications of the device are never trouble. The process of file sharing with Xender is very easy and completely wireless so no external hardware is required to connect the receiving and sender device. Users can send many files at the same time with faster transfer speed and no error and file corruption. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.6.0

XenderXender is a file sharing app which is used to send almost anything to another device. You can send Videos, Audio files, Photos, Games, Apps to your friends and family and it sends files really fast so no doubt on its speed. Xender is available on both the Play Store and App Store so anyone can download it from there and the best part is that it is available for free. Xender works on WiFi connection so no need to worry about anything and it never asks for internet connection because it transfers files offline. You can even download movies by Xender app as it has a option for it and it can download any movie in HD quality. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.5.9

XenderXender is a file sharing application available for iOS, Windows and Android devices. The application is small in size and has low requirements to function. It is easy to share files from one device to another with Xender it being easier than airdrop. The app provides a better and more advanced way of file sharing faster than old methods like Bluetooth while it doesn’t require NFC feature in the device to work on it. Xender works completely wirelessly and no direct hardware connection is required between devices to share files. The application needs to be actively working on both receiver and sender for file sharing to work uninterrupted. It is capable of sending many files with faster transfer speed and no errors. Games, apps, music, and videos all can be shared with any device nearby with the easier file sharing of Xender. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.5.7

XenderXender is a file sharing app through which you can share almost anything to anyone. It works on WiFi connection and it is 100 times faster than the Bluetooth. Xender has a new and updated UI which looks very organized and anyone can use it easily and can share files, videos, audios, photos etc by Xender. It transfers in real fast speed and never requires any type of internet connection for transfer. Share any app by Xender to your friends. Suppose that your friend bought a new device and needs to download apps so you can share apps with them with the help of Xender and you can even send inbuilt apps of devices to other devices. Xender is available for everyone on Playstore and it can be downloaded from there easily and free as it is a free app. Continue reading

Download Xender v4.5.6

XenderXender is a file sharing app available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The app has a small size and lower requirements so can smoothly run on devices without having trouble in sending or receiving the file. For using Xender to share files users only need the application to be active on both the receiving and sending devices. File sharing with this app is better and smarter than the old techniques like Bluetooth. File sharing with Xender is completely offline and no data connection is needed. The file sharing is completely wireless and no hardware is needed to share from one device to another.  No features like NFC are required for Xender as it works completely on wifi feature of the device. Continue reading